Suitable for the face and body, SHR removes unwanted hair permanently and painlessly giving you the confidence to flaunt your body. Smooth fuzz-free skin, without the need to shave and wax, is now within everybody’s reach.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is one of the latest hair removal technologies. SHR laser is capable of heating the skin gently with rapid pulses of energy which the skin will then accumulate, allowing the SHR laser to eliminate any fine and coarse hairs efficiently without causing much discomfort.


The treatment is less likely to cause irritation, redness, and trauma to the skin compared to the other technologies. Our Super Hair Removal (SHR) is twice as fast as traditional IPL technology and is safe on all skin types, even on darker skin tones.



Service Price(SGD)
Upper lip / Moustache $50.00
Chin $50.00
Jaw Line & Chin $100.00

Service Price (SGD)
Underarms $100.00
Half Arms $125.00
Full Arms $250.00

Service Price (SGD)
Areola (Nipples) $50.00
Chest $300.00
Abdomen $100.00
Full Back $300.00

Service Price (SGD)
Bikini Line $150.00
Half Legs $200.00
Full Legs $400.00

Product Price (SGD)
Firming Cream $120.00
Lifting Cream $160.00
Hydrating Cream $120.00
Cellulite Cream $140.00


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