Boost your confidence with the fat freeze (Cryolipolysis) treatment that gets rid of up to 25% fat reduction in just 1 session. 100% non-invasive alternative to liposuction, the fat freeze cryolipolysis treatment improves body contours by targeting stubborn fats that are hard to get rid of.

Fat freeze Cryolipolysis treatment works by applying the applicators to the desired area and freezing the fat cells with the use of 2 cooling plates for about an hour (depending on the treatment area). The treatment only targets fat cells while leaving other tissues such as the skin / blood vessels etc unharmed.  

Over the next month, the body will naturally remove the dead fat cells as waste and results will start to show. Expect continuous improvement of up to 6 months post treatment. Follow the proper after-care steps to get the most out of your iconic fat freeze treatment.

60 mins
1 session $600
Package of 6 sessions $2700 ($450 per session)

Best for: Body sculpting